media STRATEGY, planning & buying

At Blue Plate Media Services, we rise to your challenge.  We think beyond the obvious.

  • We research, strategize, plan, negotiate, buy, traffic, manage, analyze, optimize and post media across all relevant consumer touch points.  We report on performance.

  • We carefully consider goals, competition, campaign objectives, and metrics for success BEFORE determining the optimal media mix.

  • We intercept your target audience in unexpected ways.  We engage them and drive them to action. 

  • We are in the market every day working on your behalf.  We push our partners to uphold industry benchmarks and push them again to deliver against our higher agency benchmarks.

  • We provide best-in-class service, efficiencies and planning based on substantiated thinking.

  • We work with mid-tier to mature brands and help them to become bigger brands.

  • BPMS delivers planning and buying strength across channels, maximizing return on advertising investments.

  • BPMS is a full disclosure agency committed to a complete and accurate accounting of all media.

  • We believe that the post-buy analysis is not the only way to evaluate the buy. We work with client POS tracking systems and correlate delivered media weight to achieved sales, awareness or other goals.

Media Platforms Include:
Linear TV, OTT, Video, Mobile, Social, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Gaming, Cinema, Radio, Out of Home, Experiential, Direct Response.


Additional Services


Blue Direct, a service of BPMS, delivers a comprehensive, one stop solution, or suite of services, for your direct to consumer marketing needs. Services include Direct Response consulting, short form spot creative, development and production (120 sec; :60 sec; :30 sec); DR transactional web site, back end integration; merchant accounts; in-bound call center; scripting; order fulfillment and warehousing, and strategic media planning, buying, tracking, optimizing and reporting.  Media tests run over a period of four (4) weeks and, based on performance, and ROI, roll out from there.


Our research team offers a comprehensive suite of services to support our clients from the concept stage, through post launch evaluation, protecting your investment. All of our research services, across parenting, children and education sectors, come with the benefit of working with our child and parenting experts. Using our knowledge of children’s industries and our proprietary research tools, we will assess your concept, and help you identify where it sits in the current market so you can define and develop key USPs.

Research Includes:

  • Focus Groups (parents or children)

  • Online Surveys

  • In Home User Tests

  • Brand Tracking

  • Video Diaries & Feedback

  • Omnibus Surveys

Services to support brands, at every stage

CONCEPT: Investment at the early stage of product development is invaluable to ensure you’re taking the best product to market. Evaluate your idea among your target audience; gather feedback from an independent group of potential users/ purchasers.

  • Competitor Research

  • Storyboard Research

  • Character assessment

PROTOTYPE: Our researchers are experts in working with children to evaluate our clients’ products and services. This is an opportunity to have your products/apps tested by target age children to evaluate their usability and highlight any potential issues, before heading into costly mass production and marketing.

  • Playability

  • Age appeal/appropriateness

  • Skills development

  • Usability

LAUNCH: Equipping yourself with strong, evidence based stories to take to market and assist in retailer conversations can make all the difference between you and a competitor. Whether it’s insight and quotes from parents or a recognized child development expert, we can help.

  • Informing strategy

  • Expert support

  • Packaging development

  • Creative evaluation & ad effectiveness

ONGOING: BPMS helps its’ clients track the awareness of their brands to facilitate successful marketing campaigns.

  • Polls

  • Brand tracking studies

  • Ongoing research

  • Ongoing Brand Health


Blue Productions, a service of BPMS, is your resource and one stop shop for TV and Video production. Our seasoned producers have years of experience creating award winning content, across screens, for some of the world’s most successful kid and family brands. 

Well versed in CARU and COPPA compliancy, BPMS knows how to talk to kids, moms and families.  Blue Productions handles all creative development, including storyboarding, editing, post production, graphics, music, VO, titling, network clearance and web formatting.  We secure network clearances and traffic all creative.

For information on how to drive your brand forward, reach out to us today. We look forward to talking through your challenge.